We have important information to share with you about the Society for Organic Seed Professionals.


Founded in 2017, SOSP was created to serve as a stable home for the Student Organic Seed Symposium, providing structure and support for student organizers of the annual symposium. It was also envisioned more broadly as a “membership organization of researchers and practitioners committed to the advancement of organic seed systems”, fostering learning and collaboration between organic seed practitioners.


In these past 5 years, as the capacity and membership of our volunteer board evolved, we have realized that we need to focus on the core goal of supporting the symposium. During our recent SOSP Board meeting, the Board unanimously decided to focus future efforts on the Student Organic Seed Symposium and to discontinue SOSP as a membership organization, including all non-SOSS society activities. For those of you who have recently joined SOSP as members, we will be working to refund your membership dues.

We greatly appreciate all the support and comradery that SOSS and SOSP have generated over the years.


The SOSP Board