The benefits of SOSP membership include opportunities for learning, for participating in networking & mentorship, and for building community. These opportunities occur both at SOSP’s annual Student Organic Seed Symposium (SOSS) and throughout the year.

Benefits of attending SOSS:

  • Learning
    • Participate in interesting and informative field tours, including farms, university research fields, value-added processors, and more.
    • Attend talks and panels from seed industry researchers and professionals
  • Networking & mentorship
    • Meet and closely interact with a diverse group of seed industry leaders and early career seed industry professionals (grad students, etc.)
    • Develop mentoring relationships between students, early-career, and experienced professionals in your area of practice
  • Community
    • Participate in informal discussions and peer support.
    • Enjoy camaraderie with peers and mentor

Other SOSP benefits:

  • Learning
    • Stay up-to-date through SOSP newsletter, including society news, upcoming events, and articles
    • Read members’ perspectives on important issues, new research, or recent events on the SOSP blog
    • Access non-proprietary educational resources (behind member log-in) authored and contributed by members (coming soon)
  • Networking & mentorship
    • Access our online member directory (behind member log-in) including member contact information, brief biographies, areas of interest/expertise, citations for recent publications (coming soon)
    • Volunteer to mentor a student or early career professional, and/or learn from experienced professionals in your area of interest (more details coming soon)
  • Community
    • Participate in the SOSP listserv
    • Join members gatherings at conferences around the country.

Member privileges

SOSP members can influence decision-making in the organization by:

  • Serving on the SOSP board or committees
  • Participating in annual board elections
  • Contributing to member surveys conducted by society leadership
  • Voting on major changes to society bylaws