Membership Fees

We offer a sliding scale of membership fees, in hopes that no interested individual is excluded from membership. If the base fee is unfeasible, but you would still like to join SOSP, please contact Membership fees are used to cover basic operating costs for the society, including website, printing, administrative and outreach costs.

Fee Structure

  • Professionals (including postdocs): sliding scale, minimum of $50 (see below)
  • Graduate students: $35
  • Undergraduate students*: $10
  • Emeritus: $40

Sliding scale for professionals:

Annual income                                   Suggested membership fee

less than $50k                                                       $50

$50-75k                                                                   $75

$75-100k                                                                $100

$100-125k                                                              $125

$125-150k                                                              $150

$150k and up                                                         $175

 *Undergraduate members have voting privileges, but are ineligible to run for the Board of Directors.

Questions about membership?

Contact us at